Training with the HoloLens & Synergiz Harbor

Training is a key step in the integration process for newcomers. The objective is to transform theoretical knowledge into operational skills in order to validate the training process without wasting time.

By using HoloLens to train your new recruits, you can now combine theoretical and practical training. Equipped with a mixed reality headset, learners can manipulate while following the instructions in their field of vision.

Problems encountered for the Training

The teams in charge of training are faced with many challenges such as:

  • Propose a training course adapted to 1 or more people at a time
  • Easily create training materials
  • Develop the skills provided for in the specifications

Technical solutions provided by Synergiz Harbor

Synergiz Harbor responds to these training issues, in particular thanks to its features:

  • Taking multiple 3d and 2d models to display for a better understanding of the course
  • Local & remote collaboration for training wherever the learner is located
  • The pointer to allow interaction between the learner and the teacher
  • The management of several different trainings on several HoloLens
  • Report of recorded sessions for later viewing of training statistics

Gains in use

By relying on the Synergiz Harbor solution, the company realizes many advantages such as:

Highlighting innovative & engaging educational resources

Follow-up of training both remotely & face-to-face for learners

The flexibility of an agile tool that adapts to each training course

Analysis of the performance of the training offered

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