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September 15, 2021



Designed to provide a simple, fluid and efficient way to deploy mixed reality within companies, the three components of the Synergiz Harbor software suite equip professionals with a comprehensive solution to view and collaborate around 3D models and media anytime and anywhere.

Synergiz is launching its mixed reality software suite Synergiz Harbor – the fruit of two years of research and development.
Compatible with HoloLens and comprising three major components, the suite facilitates the deployment of mixed reality within companies, thereby providing professionals with a new tool for optimising day-to-day productivity.

From the upstream preparation of mixed reality sessions to viewing 3D models and media, alone or in groups and anytime and anywhere, Synergiz Harbor addresses many use cases, such as sales assistance, design and prototyping, training, and even space planning.

  • Its first component – the Synergiz Harbor Platform is a Web application (SaaS) that allows companies to prepare their mixed reality sessions in advance by organising and classifying their 3D models and media in project folders, then opening them in one click during viewing sessions with the second component: the Synergiz Harbor Player.
    The application also records statistics on the viewing sessions held: list of sessions, duration, number of people connected, etc.
  • With the second component – the Synergiz Harbor Player – companies can easily view their 3D models and media by loading them directly from the Microsoft HoloLens hard drive or from a project folder created on the Synergiz Harbor Platform.

    A number of actions can be performed during viewing sessions: the 3D models and media can be moved, rotated and resized to the desired scale, measurements can be taken and a laser pointer can even be used.
    A free version is available on the Microsoft Store so that companies can easily test the tool with the basic functions.

  • One person or groups of people can view 3D models and media on a local network (offline in the same room) or remotely (via the Cloud and from different locations).
    The third component – the Synergiz Harbor Hub – therefore makes local network collaboration with groups of people possible, and Microsoft’s new MESH mixed reality application helps people collaborate remotely via the Internet.

The suite provides professionals with real-life simulations, makes it easier to collaborate both remotely and locally, saves time, cuts traveling expenses, facilitates business presentations, and even improves conversion rates for turning business opportunities into customers.

It stands out from competing solutions by leveraging its three ready-to-use components, but also because Synergiz provides comprehensive support.
Depending on the needs of the company, Synergiz can provide the necessary equipment and services (such as training for teams) to guarantee a turnkey deployment.

“The Harbor solution is the result of a long and successful collaboration with our customers and addresses a simple but crucial challenge: to facilitate and accelerate the scaling-up of mixed reality solutions in the field.

In addition to offering an efficient and fully collaborative user experience, the platform also meets the needs of managers in terms of supervision, use analyses, in addition to equipment and data management.

More than just a ready-to-use solution, Synergiz Harbor is also a platform on which we can quickly and efficiently build tailored solutions for their businesses.

With this comprehensive approach, Synergiz Harbor is an undeniable asset for taking full advantage of the potential and benefits of mixed reality.”

Vincent Mugnier, Managing Director, Synergiz

About Synergiz:

Merging real and virtual worlds, mixed reality offers a new environment where real and digital objects coexist and interact.

Regardless of whether it is used by an operator on a production line, a team of designers or a surgeon in the operating theatre, mixed reality helps professionals improve what they do every day.

With its ten years of experience, and its partnerships with Microsoft, PTC and Trimble, Synergiz is recognised as the key mixed reality player in France and across the globe.
The company is also Microsoft’s only French partner to have received a Mixed Reality Gold Award.

Synergiz supports companies in their end-to-end mixed reality projects (discovery, support, custom development, deployment, training and assistance) through its comprehensive offering of hardware, software and service solutions.

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