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June 9, 2021



While the adoption of mixed reality by companies around the world continues to accelerate, new uses and business needs are emerging.

New needs linked to mixed reality

Our customers and prospects, who have been supporting us since 2016, shared four major challenges they face on a daily basis when it comes to mixed reality:

  • Easily viewing and interacting with their 3D models and media (images, PDF documents, videos, etc.)
  • Viewing and handling their 3D objects and media with groups of people
  • Organising their 3D objects and media in projects that are easy to deploy to their HoloLens
  • Deploying mixed reality on a large scale in their company or organisation quickly and with ease

It goes without saying that many 3D visualisation tools are regularly released on the market.

Between a wealth of features, ease of use, compatibility with HoloLens and the possibility of collaborating with others, it is often difficult to find the ideal solution.

illustration-manipulation-hologramme Synergiz’s answer

After nearly two years of research and development based on feedback from our customers and prospects, the Synergiz team is proud to present Synergiz Harbor!

Consequently, Synergiz Harbor is positioned as the complete and intuitive solution for managing 3D models and media.

Designed for mixed reality, Synergiz Harbor manages your end-to-end 3D sessions, whether you’re working alone or with others: project organisation, equipment management, HoloLens deployments, as well as viewing, gathering, reporting and interacting with information.

As you can see, Synergiz Harbor aims to stand out from existing solutions thanks to its intuitive and therefore easy-to-use interface, its ability to simply organise 3D visualisation projects, as well as its perfect integration with Microsoft HoloLens.

A versatile solution

Synergiz Harbor is for all companies and institutions!
This universal solution has been designed for a variety of uses to meet the needs of all industries on a daily basis:

As a ready-to-use solution, Synergiz Harbor can also be customised to meet your specific business challenges.

If you would like more information or to test the solution, please feel free to get in touch with our teams: Click here

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