Mixed reality
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How can you optimise your production and maintenance processes?

  • Improve operational learning by guiding your teams step by step with visual and targeted instructions and real-life simulations
  • Minimise the risk of error and service interruptions by accurately guiding your operators
  • Increase speed and accuracy by assisting your employees with points of interest enriched with information and instructions
  • Immerse your creative teams in real-life simulations by viewing and interacting with their 3D models
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How can we improve the quality of medical care?

  • Optimise training for healthcare professionals by assisting them step by step with information inserted into real-life situations
  • Share expertise easily and accurately
  • Minimise the risk of error during medical and surgical procedures

  • Facilitate the creative and R&D process by allowing several people from your teams to work with their 3D prototypes at the same time and include them in their environment

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Sales and culture

How can we improve the customer experience?

  • Immerse your customers and visitors in real-life simulations and surprise them

  • Easily and accurately create your virtual showrooms and exhibits

  • Revolutionise the presentation of your products and work by adding contextualised virtual information to the real world

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