Sales support with HoloLens & Synergiz Harbor

Sometimes it’s hard for a company to make its customers understand its service or product. That’s why sales professionals need a better way to bring their products, ideas and solutions to life.

Problems encountered

Sales teams are faced with many challenges such as

  • Presenting large and heavy products during professional meetings
  • Incorporating additional information and animations to make the demonstration more dynamic

Technical solutions provided by Synergiz Harbor

Various features of Synergiz Harbor allow for a richer experience for sales support such as:

  • Local or remote collaboration to allow everyone to participate
  • View multiple 3D models
  • Playback of visual media
  • Capture comments to record feedback
  • Reporting of recorded sessions for post meeting review
  • Photo taking to capture a particular moment

Benefits of using Synergiz Harbor

With the use of HoloLens and our solution, the company:

  • Turns the sale into an “emotional experience” that has real impact during the meeting
  • Carry out an immersive demonstration without being cut off from the exchange with the customer
  • Differentiate itself from the competition with a truly innovative presentation

Discover how Synergiz Harbor can help your teams with their Design & Prototyping project

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