Project review with HoloLens & Synergiz Harbor

The project review is a key element of the project management process that allows all stakeholders to review the progress of the project before moving on to the next milestone.

A well-designed project is structured around different key stages throughout its development. These phases are materialized by the validation of milestones that allow to take stock of the project’s progress at a given moment and to certify that a step has been successfully completed and that the next phase can be engaged. It is during these formal meetings called “project reviews” that the milestones are validated or not.

Issues encountered during the project review

The teams in charge of the project review are confronted with many issues such as

  • Making the project understood in its entirety by all the stakeholders
  • Giving a global, unique and precise vision of the project to each of the parties involved
  • Examining in detail all the elements of the project in order to find inconsistencies and improve them

Technical solutions provided by Synergiz Harbor

Synergiz Harbor addresses the issues of project reviews thanks to its features such as

  • Local and remote collaboration to exchange information regardless of the location of the participants
  • Management of multiple 2D and 3D models
  • 1:1 scaling to work on the digital twin of the real model
  • Display of exploded views to get an overview of the details
  • Enter and edit comments to share information in real time
  • The report of recorded sessions to allow an analysis of the different events during the project review.

Benefits of using Synergiz Harbor

With the use of HoloLens and our solution, the company will be able to :

  • Collective consultation within the team of experts
  • Strengthen the collective intelligence around the project
  • Detecting problems upstream and proposing areas for improvement

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