HoloLens allows you to add contextualized information in your field of view. This information, appearing as holograms, react to your instructions as real physical objects would by analysing your gesture, eye positioning and voice intructions.

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HoloLens 2 benefits


  • Place virtual data in your field of vision as you continue to see the real world all around you.
  • View a multitude of holograms simultaneously with a wider field of vision.

  • Enjoy the high level of precision and spot even the most minute details.

  • Fully immerse yourself: the sound of your holograms adapts to your position.


  • Touch, grab and move holograms naturally and interact with them as if they were real objects.

  • Use voice commands, even in noisy environments, with smart microphones.

  • Go hands-free and use your eyes to perform actions.


  • Move around freely and focus on completing tasks.

  • Use mixed reality wherever you are

  • Enjoy self-contained hardware with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (no external sensors or additional computers are required).

  • Say goodbye to wires and use your HoloLens wherever you want thanks to its three-hour battery life and recharge it via a USB-C connector.


  • Use the HoloLens for extended durations thanks to its ergonomic design.

  • Adjust the headset to your head quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Lift or lower the visor as needed.

Also available for hire !

Event or one-time need ? HoloLens is available for hire.

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