HoloKase XR10

The ready-to-use mixed reality KIT designed for safety

Protect your teams during mixed reality sessions.
Even experiment in places with high safety standards.
Your equipment is protected thanks to its hardside case and protective foam, forming the perfect fit for the various components.

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Choose your components


Take advantage of a ready-to-use solution

Hardside case

Protect your equipment when traveling

External battery

Use your equipment for even longer

Wi-Fi/4G router

You can even use your equipment offline

Surface Pro

Control your mixed reality sessions


Store all your equipment in one place

Benefits of HoloKase

Designed for the Trimble XR10

  • Perfectly suited for your Trimble XR10

  • Easy access to your headset

  • Optimal protection for glass components

Strong and secure

  • Water- and dust-proof case

  • Shock resistant

  • Designed for padlocks

Compact and mobile

  • The handle makes it easier to carry
  • Lightweight and easily transportable


  • High-capacity auxiliary battery
  • Battery-powered router
  • All-in-one solution and no additional accessories required

Easy to use

  • Easy check-in/check-out
  • Ergonomics designed for maximum efficiency
  • Simple and concise user manual


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