The Mixed Reality
3D visualisation Suite

Prepare, view and collaborate with Synergiz Harbor

The challenges

To visualize and interact easily with your 3D models and media

To manage your mixed reality devices

To collaborate in mixed reality

To organize and deploy your mixed reality projects

The components

Harbor Platform

Organise YOUR projeCTS & YOUR Equipement

  • Organise 3D models, médias & assets by project folders.
  • View all the content in a project folder in just one click during your viewing sessions.

  • Analyse data from your viewing sessions: list of sessions, dates, number of participants and durations.

Harbor Player

Visualise & interaCT WITH YOUR 3D MODELS

  • Enjoy an application designed for mixed reality that is completely compatible with your Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Easily interact with your 3D models through an intuitive interface.
  • Boost productivity with a complete 3D experience: view, move, rotate, and resize your 3D models just how you want them.

Take the experience further with Synergiz Harbor Player+: manipulate multiple holograms & medias in real time, point with the laser or take measures with the ruler.

Harbor Hub


  • Easily organise collaborative sessions on site.
  • Enjoy a real-time interactive experience where all participants can manipulate holograms in real time.