Discover the Synergiz Harbor software suite designed for HoloLens

The Synergiz Harbor solution addresses the need for organizations to manage their data and provide a rich user experience to their employees.

Industries :

  • Aeronautics
  • Transport

  • Health
  • Energy

Use cases :

  • Design et prototyping
  • Project review
  • Training
  • Sales support
  • Industrial space planning & interior design

Our offers :

  • Standard

  • Advanced

  • Premium

Targeted issues for the company

Compatible with the Microsoft HoloLens headset, our out-of-the-box solution allows for a quick and easy deployment of mixed reality within your organization to meet your challenges and priorities.

Cooperate more actively between each collaborator (locally or remotely)

Be more efficient in detecting problems upstream of a project

Renewing teaching methods and resources

Deploy an agile, fast and reliable tool adapted to business needs

Optimize productivity

Have a real eco-responsible approach

Why Synergiz Harbor ?

Share interactive information in real time

Work in a secure environment

Reduce the risks of errors and problems in the project life cycle

Strengthen team skills

Stimulate learning with innovative collaborative collaboration and innovative decision-making

Helping to reduce environmental impact while cutting costs

The deployment of the solution

The deployment of our tool is simple and quick to set up within your work environment.

Harbor Platform

Organize your project and your data

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Harbor Player

View, interact and collaborate with your project data in real time

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Harbor Hub

Collaborate only locally with HoloLens

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Harbor Platform

Restitution & analysis of your session data

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Discover our use cases and the benefits of using Synergiz Harbor