The city of Saint-Malo




The project: the time machine


Augmented reality allows you to experience moments from history through immersive features. The city of Saint-Malo wanted to create an experience in which visitors could walk through the city as it existed in the XVIII century – a period of great maritime conflicts for the city – and witness wars ships, naval battles and troops deployed on land.


The solution we implemented was based on a physical map of the region of Saint-Malo at that time and includedits topography. Tablets make it possible to launch the application in augmented reality. You can then decide to experience this historical voyage on your own or with a guide. The project was designed to promote the use of the tool by the general public, whether they’re from Saint-Malo or just visiting.


The solution was launched during the European Heritage Days. It is currently being used by many visitors every day at the building housing the Musée d’Histoire Maritime (MHM) project, located on the quai Duguay Trouin in Saint-Malo.

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