Saint-Malo Urban Area Authority




The project: virtual tour of AquaMalo


The Saint-Malo Urban Area Authority wanted to create a large-scale aquatics centre. In order to create a buzz around this project, facilitate understanding and garner as much support as possible from stakeholders (businesses, local residents and local authorities), communicating before kicking off the project was essential. The aim of the urban area authority’s communication was to adopt innovative channels and formats to create de a “phygital” (a combination of physical and digital) and complete experience.


We implemented a complementary tool in order to explore the new aquatics centre and the ongoing construction work via a virtual tour.. This tool can be viewed on the urban area authority’s website. It was presented on a touch-screen table during the project’s launch ceremony, and more recently a tablet application was developed to accompany site tours and provide additional information on the construction work in progress and its upcoming completion.


At the ceremony to lay the first “industry 4.0 brick”, visitors at the site and online were able to envision and take in the new sports and recreational centre made possible by the successful partnership between Synergiz and the Saint Malo Urban Area Authority!

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