The project: the connected parade


For a roadshow project with the objective of livening up points sales at Orange shops, we supported the French telecom operator’s teams in the development of a tool for learning about new high-tech solutions and helped them promote offerings marketed by Orange for the general public. The challenges set consisted in getting customers excited during in-person visits by immersing them in a lengthy digital-tool experience.


We deployed a solution that could be used with HoloLens for 50 sites over a period of one month.

To meet this challenge, we:

  • Scaled up the deployment
  • Set up and configured 20 HoloLens devices
  • Configured an experience management tool for the organisers
  • Incorporated a remote monitoring tool
  • Collected and distributed content in real time using the Spectator View


  • 11,755 Visits to the stand
  • 4,300 Parades launched
  • 3,240 HoloLens experiences
  • 2,685 Product demos
  • 25,000 Refund offers

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