Bespoke data visualisation solution for ENGIE Lab CRIGEN




The project: visualisation in a complex data team


ENGIE Lab CRIGEN is the ENGIE group’s corporate R&D centre dedicated to green gases (hydrogen, biogas and liquefied gas), new energy uses in cities, buildings and industry, as well as emerging technologies (digital technology and artificial intelligence, drones and robots, nanotechnologies and sensors). ENGIE Lab CRIGEN conducts operational R&D projects, develops trials, and implements innovative offerings to stimulate and accelerate the energy transition. In this constant search for innovation, they wanted to include mixed reality as the technical solution in their physical phenomenon simulation processes, known as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which would optimise these practices and, consequently, operational performance.


Over the course of three years of assiduous and iterative collaboration, we have made the following available to the ENGIE Lab CRIGEN teams:

  •  HoloKase: a ready-to-use, all-in-one hardware solution for the rapid and effective integration of mixed reality experiences for ENGIE Lab CRIGEN field operators.

At the same time, we also designed:

  • A software solution, giving operators the ability to contextualise, visualise and annotate 3D data in real time during object simulations, but also to interact with several employees on the same 3D model instantaneously.


A one-of-a-kind solution deployed across all ENGIE group business lines and entities offering a new working tool that leads to improved operational performance and makes it possible to break down the silos separating the business lines thanks to a unique and shared vision of data.

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