The project: enhancing machine tools


The company CERI designs and commissions industrial machine tools. From isolated machines to the entire production line, these installations are designed to support the highest level of industrial attrition, while guaranteeing compliance with the industry’s most demanding safety, quality, performance and reliability objectives. As part of an approach to constantly innovate, they wanted to digitise their pre-sale presentation tools by showcasing the innovative character of their activity and the challenges of the industry 4.0 factory.


Together with their teams, we designed and developed an application that can be used with HoloLens to:

  • Represent, in the form of a hologram, the entire machine on a 1:1 scale in order to determine where it needs to be located in a factory/hangar,
  • Present, using a 3D model, the external casing of the new outfitted “3-axis” module, also called a “station” (in the form of a holographic model),
  • Present the main movements that the station can produce thanks to animations,
  • Illustrate points of interest with the support of additional visual content,
  • Allow content to be used when traveling in a standalone mode with HoloLens 2.


An easy-to-use application and a real business partner for pre-sales teams.

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