Augmented Visit Solution.

Synergiz Periscope offers a streaming tour where the “Guide” wears a Microsoft HoloLens headset and shares what he/she sees in real time with one or more remote visitors.

The benefit with HoloLens is that the Guide can add in real time more information (photos, videos, etc.) on the tour.

Based on an independent video infrastructure

Dedicated to group augmented site visits

Usable on the Microsoft HoloLens headset (guide/host)

Usable via web browser (viewer)



Communication with
remote viewers

  • Audio communications
  • Sharing the host’s field of view
  • Hands-free for the host

Resource Sharing

  • 3D models sharing
  • Image sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Web page sharing

Session management & integration

  • Plateforme de gestion des sessions (création, planification) en autonomie
  • Accès par partage de liens sécurisés
  • Possibilité d’intégrer des données métiers

Interaction with remote viewers

  • Visualization of a text chat
  • Ability to open or close viewer microphones


While benefiting from the spontaneity of a livestream visit, augmented reality adds immersiveness and new mediation possibilities, as it allows the guide to show visitors what they would not otherwise be able to see: the very close-up details of the stained glass windows located 20 meters above or 3D replicas of objects that are no longer there, such as a reliquary or the Bible of Saint Louis.

Patrick BERGEOT, Digital project manager - Centre des monuments nationaux