Industrial space planning & interior interior design with HoloLens & Synergiz Harbor

The layout of factories, warehouses, or even sales outlets is sometimes an imperative to gain in efficiency and productivity. Precise architecture and manufacturing are required.

With the use of the mixed reality headset and Synergiz Harbor, companies can easily plan and redesign their spaces using a perfect virtual replica of their premises.

Problems encountered in industrial space planning & interior design

The teams in charge of space planning are confronted with many issues such as

  • Anticipating problems and errors before the construction of the equipment to be installed
  • Optimizing the space planning
  • Avoiding delays on the initial planning of the layout

Technical solutions provided by Synergiz Harbor

Synergiz Harbor answers these planning issues thanks to its features such as

  • Local collaboration (without Internet connection) to work without disconnection problems
  • 1:1 scaling to work on the digital twin of the real model
  • Display of multiple 3D models to visualize several objects at the same time
  • Collision & occlusion support
  • Enter comments to record feedback
  • The taking of measurements and photos

Gains in use

By relying on the Synergiz Harbor solution, the company realizes many benefits such as

  • The visualization of the full-size machine prototype immersed in a physical environment
  • Sharing and modifying the model(s) in real time
  • Better collaboration and decision making between all stakeholders
  • Reduction of manufacturing and layout time
  • The gain & optimization of space ultimately

Discover how Synergiz Harbor can help your teams with their Design & Prototyping project

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