Harbor Platform : organize your project & analyze your data

Harbor Platform is a web application that allows you to both manage your projects and analyze the data produced.

Organization of your project

Organise and setup your session ahead of time thanks to the Synergiz Harbor Platform’s management tools:

  • Manage your HoloLens fleet: organization, access, security & deployment

  • Classify your 3D models and media by folder & project

  • Visualize in 1 click all the content of a project folder during your visualization sessions

  • Deploy in a few clicks the projects of your choice on all or part of your equipment

  • Ensure consistency and updates: your users always have the latest versions of documents and 3D models

Analyze your data

Once your session is over, Harbor Platform can analyze your session data such as:

  • Time spent

  • Actions of each participant

  • Events

  • Comments

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