Harbor Hub: Collaborate only locally in mixed reality

As a Windows application, Synergiz Harbor Hub is a local server that synchronizes projects from Synergiz Harbor Platform

Once all the information is received, Synergiz Harbor Hub can be used standalone, disconnected from the internet, since the data is present locally.

It is from Synergiz Harbor Hub that collaboration sessions are initiated when all participants are present in the same room, this is called local collaboration.

Enjoy an application designed for mixed reality 100% compatible with your Microsoft HoloLens.

Interact easily with your 3D models thanks to an intuitive interface.

Be productive and enjoy a complete 3D experience.

Synergiz Harbor Hub Features

Manage your collaborative sessions on-site

Enjoy an interactive experience where all participants can manipulate the content in real time

Collaborate with the same level of interaction without the need for an internet connection thanks to HoloKase.

Broadcast a live stream of your session thanks to HoloKase.

Discover our use cases and the benefits of using Synergiz Harbor