In a globalized economic context where quality, proximity and responsiveness are becoming differentiating issues, how can we rethink the service so that it is both efficient and sober?

Within mobile or geographically distributed teams, reinforced collaborations between companies or individuals, in the era of hybrid work and telework, how to ensure effective and friendly interactions between people while limiting travel?

With data increasingly present, but also increasingly dense and complex, how to extract useful information and make it available and intelligible, at the right time, in the right place and in the right format to support decision-making and the actions ?

As citizens, entrepreneurs and companies, how can we be a committed player in changing professional practices so that they are more virtuous and in line with our social issues?

…was born a conviction

Mixed reality – through its ability to equip practices while erasing distances, to offer natural interaction with complex information, both solo and as a team, all while keeping users fully operational and anchored in their work environment usual – is an effective solution to allow organizations to reconcile Operational Efficiency and Sobriety.

Then our mission

Our mission is to improve the productivity of field operators by facilitating access to useful information, but also to facilitate the natural collaboration of teams and the sharing of knowledge, in all circumstances.

Every company today faces a challenge but also a responsibility: Being able to reconcile its operational efficiency with its challenges of sobriety, whether energy, economic or ecological. However, the activities most often require to be in direct contact with the stakeholders in the field, or to provide tools for collaboration both internally and externally. Businesses also increasingly require consulting or entering rich and complex data. At Synergiz, we believe that Mixed Reality is a source of transformation towards practices that are both more effective but also more sober and more virtuous. »

Fabrice BARBIN, CEO Synergiz

Our history


2015: Discovery of HoloLens

Discovery of HoloLens on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA in the United States during an MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) Summit.

2016 : The first HoloLens project

In July 2016, while the HoloLens were only deployed on the North American continent, Synergiz imported the first two copies. In collaboration with the Innovation teams of the Moët Hennessy group, Synergiz delivers a first public experience of Mixed Reality in France to VIPs: boxes of wines and spirits are staged and presented to a delighted and enthusiastic public!

2016 – 2018 : Innovation and tailor-made solutions

Convinced of the potential of Mixed Reality, Synergiz contributes alongside Microsoft teams, to evangelize the market. In an “Innovation” type approach, tailor-made solutions are created, tested and deployed.

2018 : First MRPP recognition

Synergiz’s expertise is recognized by obtaining the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner (MRPP) label.

2018 : Extension to the profession of integrator

With the desire to deliver ready-to-use Mixed Reality solutions to companies with rapid ROI, Synergiz is extending its offer and positioning itself as an integrator and license reseller (CSP), in addition to its innovation activities. It initiates the deployment of Dynamics 365 solutions.

2019 : Synergiz, official reseller of HoloLens

To meet the challenge of supporting companies in a global way, and with the desire to be the one-stop shop dedicated to Mixed Reality, Synergiz joined the Microsoft DMP program and became an official reseller of HoloLens.

2020 : Starting the plan Ambition 2024

In 2020, Synergiz is launching its “Ambition 2024” development plan with the ambition of becoming the reference player in Mixed Reality in France. It delivers a global offer (Hardware + Software + Services) and consolidates its position as a publisher of hardware (HoloKase) and software solutions (start of software R&D).

2021 : MRPP Gold Recognition

Synergiz’s expertise is once again recognized. The company obtains the only GOLD level MRPP label in France. Synergiz also joins the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Advisory Council.

2022 : Product acceleration and launch

In 2022, Synergiz is continuing its commercial development with major national and international accounts. Since January 2020, it has issued several hundred HoloLens and HoloKase, and still supports its customers in France and in nearly 50 countries. Synergiz also officially launches its range of software products (Synergiz Harbor, Synergiz Periscope, Synergiz Astrolabe).

Our values


We live a collective adventure, where everyone takes pleasure in delivering, as a team, and in a friendly atmosphere, innovative projects with a positive impact!


We work on innovative technologies with which everything remains to be invented. We take pleasure in getting out of the common places, in imagining new practices and new tools, carrying meaning and impact!


We invest in sharing our experiences, our passion and our convictions, both through internal and external actions. “Knowledge is the only thing that increases when shared”


We are committed to questioning our convictions, to always learning and exploring, in order to always bring more value to our individual and collective interventions!


Because our actions bring value and positive impact, we are committed to delivering them with quality and as soon as possible!

Our engagements

With the sincere support of delivering a positive impact as a society and as a collective, Synergiz gets involved and supports causes that echo its values.

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