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With its ten years of experience, and its partnerships with Microsoft, PTC and Trimble, Synergiz is recognised as the key mixed reality player in France and across the globe.

manipulation hologramme en réalité mixte

What is
mixed reality?

Merging real and virtual worlds, mixed reality offers a new environment where real and digital objects coexist and interact.
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What are the benefits?


Your learning and operations are contextualised


Hands-free when performing procedures


Interact naturally with holograms

Mixed reality use cases

Training and collaborative design

Improve learning and prototyping

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remote assistance with hololens

Remote support and expertise

Quickly and effectively assist your remote teams

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Operational assistance

Guide your teams in their maintenance and production operations

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Inspection and quality control

Facilitate verification operations, even remotely

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Comprehensive support

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We introduce you to the various mixed reality use cases and its benefits


We support you in choosing and implementing a solution tailored to your needs


We are here to support you throughout your project and future needs

An idea?
A project?

Together we will create the ideal solution to meet your needs.

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Thanks to our clients’ trust, we delivered more than 300 projects in 2020 alone!

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